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1 1900 and 1910 Census shows birth place as Austria whereas 1920 and 1930 Censuses show birthplace of Illinois. Vizensky, Frank Joseph (I3432)
2 1910 Census shows birth place as Austria whereas 1920 and 1930 Censuses show birthplace of Illinois. Stroble, Anna Grace (I3433)
3 1920 Census: 33 years old (birth year ~1887)
1930 Census: 40 years old (birth year ~1890) 
Rossberg, Olof/Olaf (I5078)
4 1920 US Federal Census > Oklahoma > Coal > Phillips > District 15 > Page 6 of 23 Nanney, Albert (I204)
5 1930 US Federal Census > Illinois > Cook County > Chicago (Districts 1001-1250) > District 1116 > Page 8 of 46 Sukach, Estelle C. (I71)
6 3/11/2012:
Proposed Change: Clark, Dora (I6329)
Tree: Majdan

Description: Dora Marjorie Clark was my grandmother
Birthday: May 14, 1916 Place: Marshall County, Ky
Death: April 2, 2000 Place: Marshall County, Ky
Buried at the Clark Family Cemetery in Marshall Co., Ky
She married Delsey "Billy" Ray Taylor
Married Date: August 16, 1935
Children: Billy Edward, Johnny Jackson, Jimmy Eugene, Leslie Joel, Barbara Lea, Ora Lou, Harold, George, William Edd

Thank You,
Rebecca Marzouq (Taylor) 
Source (S107)
7 A Ludvik Mudrak is in the Ellis Island database Mudrak, Ludvik (I3299)
8 A user contributed memorial on Find A Grave declared a death date of 22 Feb 1883. However, a US Census record from 1880 for whom I believe is Elvin's wife, Jane, says she is widowed. Long, Elvin (I4968)
9 Adin Keeter and Francis Grice were never married, hence Lawson taking his mother's name. Grice, Lawson Mackell (I1639)
10 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2261)
11 Also "Ludwig". Mudrak, Ludvik (I3299)
12 Also seen named "Magdalena". On Agnes Mudrak's wedding papers, Anna's last name is Muzar. Mudrak, Anna (I68)
13 Alternate spellings: Rebecca, Rebekah Haven, Rebeckah (I3697)
14 Alternative spelling: Hettye Nanney, Hettie C. (I5766)
15 Ancestor of President Calvin Coolidge (  
16 Appears to have died during Civil War. Stephens, Canon B. (I2765)
17 Arrived on the SS Lapland. Name listed as "Agata Mudrakawa" Mudrak, Agnes (I60)
18 Being separated from Elizabeth Truby by only 10 years and the age difference between Elizabeth and Michael leads me to believe Tillie may have been from another marriage or woman. Truby, Tillie (I3541)
19 Between August 24 and December 27. Nanney, Thomas (I5456)
20 Bialystok, White Russia is formerly apart of present-day Belarus and the city is now located in the northeast corner of Poland.

Also other possible birthplaces are Dubrovka, Belarus and Slo???, Russia (see WWI Draft Registration), Bialystok, Podlachian Voivodeship, Poland.

Also, possible birthday of 4/8/1888. 
Sukacz, George J. (I69)
21 Born in either Wales or England. Wesson, Edward (I4109)
22 Born in NC, to MS then to IT abt. 1837 (to a place on Red River called Pine Bluff Ferry).

Sent by the US government to Choctaw Nation to build the Capitals, or Council Houses.

Oakes, Thomas Wilson (I330)
23 Buried under the name Kellum. Nanney, Mary Elizabeth (I2702)
24 Charles possibly had multiple (3) wives. It is unknown which children are with which wife. Family F659
25 Chickahominy tribe  (I246)
26 Contracted a cold during trip to pick up deceased husband; never recovered. Lusk, Eliza Ann Jane (I319)
27 Cora and Nora never married and lived together until their death. Mealor, Cora Jane (I1677)
28 Cora and Nora never married and lived together until their death. Mealor, Nora M. (I1678)
29 Could also be 1808. Flack, Mary (I1045)
30 Could also be Hepzibah Bixby. Bixby, Mehitable (I3601)
31 Could also be Shadrach Nanney, Shadrack (I231)
32 Could also be spelled "Lewis". Holmes, Louis (I6762)
33 Could also be spelled Denune. Denune, Mary (I3107)
34 Could also be spelled Iglehardt. Igleheart, Jennette (I2781)
35 Could also be spelled Syms. Simms, Letha W. (I5015)
36 Could also be spelled Thackeray. Thackeray, Jane (I4169)
37 Could also be Turner Belt Brashears. Brashears, Robert Turner (I345)
38 Could also by "Rhys." 
Nanney, Robert (I240)
39 Could be Edward Nanney, Edmond (I905)
40 Could be Elynor Wheelwright, Ellen (I508)
41 Current spelling from 1930 Census. Alternate spellings: Meinert (1920 Census), Mainard (1910 Census). Mainert, Herman (I5080)
42 Date of marriage (#228) is Jan. 1, 1756, on page 245 of "Marriages performed at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holly Trinity, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1748 - 1767," translated and edited by Fritz Braun and Frederick S. Weiser, as published by the Pennsylvania German Society in vol. VII, 1973. Family F517
43 Death record states DOB as 20 Sep 1894, but Naturalization Petition and Declaration of Intention papers states DOB as 14 Aug 1893. Wife's Petition for Citizenship says he was born in Szitanies, Poland. Majdan, Piotr (I59)
44 Died as a child. Nanney, Clarence (I6415)
45 Died as an infant. Nanney, (I2460)
46 Died between the ages of 4 and 5 due to a throat condition. Lambert, Willard (I4326)
47 Died during a speed boat race. Haas, John (I5888)
48 District 53 Nanney, Phillip Henry (I216)
49 During a battle during King Philip's War Hutchinson, Edward (I466)
50 Either Jane is the last name or middle name. Jane, Elizabeth (I333)

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