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151 P. O. P. 335 Nanney, George F. (I990)
152 P. O. P. 335 Nanney, James R. (I991)
153 P. O., P. 335 Nanney, William A. (I989)
154 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I939)
155 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I940)
156 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I941)
157 Pct 4, Vol. E. D. 46, Sheet 8, Line 46 Nanney, William A. (I989)
158 Pitin, Czechoslovakia Nanak, Frantiska (I3333)
159 Possible Grissiller or Grizzie (latter could be a nickname) Nanney, Grizalee (I1053)
160 Possible named Lee Mont. Koon, Lemont (I1526)
161 Possible spelled Desie. Moore, Dicey (I2030)
162 Possible spelled McCravin. McCravens, Martha Jane (I2369)
163 Possible spelled Treeby. Sandefer, Truby Louise (I2625)
164 Possibly named Ann Eliza. Chandler, Eliza Ann (I1589)
165 Possibly named Miriam. Koone, Almira (I1029)
166 Possibly named Susanah. Norvell, Susan R. (I1605)
167 Possibly spelled Coxey. Coxsey, Elizabeth (I2518)
168 Possibly spelled Cuzzine. Cousins, Elizabeth (I2864)
169 Possibly spelled Leita. Kelso, Leta M. (I92)
170 Possibly spelled Littleberry. Royall, Littlebury (I1483)
171 Possibly spelled Mira. Allen, Myra (I1373)
172 Possibly spelled Mudroek. Mudrak, Valenti (I67)
173 Possibly spelled Mudroek. Name also found as "Agata" Mudrak, Agnes (I60)
174 Possibly spelled Tempey. Wilkerson, Tempie (I1150)
175 Present-day Alamance Co., North Carolina. Thompson, Robert (I5269)
176 Received from Debbe Weisend. Source (S69)
177 Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warran Application Files

Veteran's Name: Isaac Wesson
Pensioner's Name: Sally Wesson
State: Virginia
Branch of Service: Continental (Va.)
Pension Number: W. 6457
Additional Names: Green Wesson, Isaac D Wesson, John J Wesson, Joseph Wesson, Martha Clary, Mary Griffin, Sarah Wray, Washington Wesson
Film Number: 972533
NARA Publication Number: M804
Digital DGS Number: 4175234
Image Number: 00681
Footnote Unique ID: 28001677
Collection: Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Applications Files
Wesson, Isaac (I4095)
178 Roll: 40, pg. 982 Oakes, Lemuel (I332)
179 Sailed aboard the "Diligent of Ipswitch" Sitton, John Sr. (I1788)
180 Sailed aboard the Charitie Royall, Joseph (I1473)
181 Section F, Site 496 Lambert, Rosetta Mae (I213)
182 Shown as being a boarder at Pauline Zurawski's house Sukach, Estelle C. (I71)
183 Shown in 1870 Census as being a domestic servant for Phillip Henry and Sarah Nanney. Possibly mother/aunt/sister of A. Pinkney Jobe. Sarah (I3475)
184 Six children by first marriage. Spears, Erbert (I6439)
185 Source lists town as "Shaston" but this appears to be an abbreviation for Shaftesbury.  
186 Source says death place was Centre, NC but I have been unable to find this city. Thompson, John (I5271)
187 Spelled last name "Nannie". Nanney, Katheryn Bell (I2332)
188 The "History of the Haven Family" book includes this interesting note:
"George, by the way, had a comely sister, fair of feature, and possessed of many womanly graces, and to whom Pres. Garfield in his school days paid marked attention, often accompanying her at the close of the week to her home in Shalersville, where we would spend the Sabbath. But we find in this instance, as in most others, that loveliness is of a fragile nature, that things most beautiful are most perishable. She too fell victim to that insidious disease, consumption, and died at the age of nearly twenty years."
Haven, Sylvia (I3901)
189 The 1900 Census says Sanford and Mary had 12 children with 9 living. It also lists two additional grandchildren, Maudie & Montie Carr. It is unknown whose children these are. Family F1562
190 The 1920 Census indicates a birthplace of Galicia, Poland. According to Wikipedia, Galicia is now apart of modern day Poland and Ukraine. Rzeszutko, Julia Helen (I70)
191 The existence of this person is unknown. Basing it on the 1850 Census which shows Absolem and Charlotte Williams, both over 70, living with 12 year old Denton Williams. Assuming Denton is the grandson. Williams, Denton (I5468)
192 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1614)
193 The name is difficult to make out on the 1910 Census. Could be Virginia. Long, Virdia (I5343)
194 The three known children have been attached to Edith Bishop but one or more could have been the child of Austin & Treva. Family F1582
195 The unnamed Gentry is more than likely one of the named Gentry's but I am unsure the name of John Robert Gentry's father. Family F1144
196 There is a 12 year old James Hamilton in the 1920 Census in Garland County, Arkansas living with parents John and Lillian Hamilton with siblings Myrtle, Rector, Almeda, Ola and Joe Oliver. Unsure at this time if this is the same James Hamilton.

On 5 Aug 2010, I received confirmation from Dorceal Hamilton that her grandfather's name was John. Assuming this is the correct family of Hamiltons. 
Hamilton, James (I5071)
197 There is a chance that her maiden name was Mudrak and she was never married. MUZAR is listed on the wedding documentation of Agnes but no where else. Mudrak, Anna (I68)
198 There is a Michal Sukacz in the Ellis Island database that immigrated to the US on March 27, 1913 at age 28. There is also a Michael Sukacz in the 1920 Census in Rockford Township, Illinois, also age 28. Sukach, Michal (I89)
199 There were two later marriages. Mosley, Alfred Huron Jr. (I2202)
200 This is an Ellis Island record for Piotr Sukacz but it is unknown if this is a match to this individual. There is also a Peter Sukach in the 1900 Census living in Ohio. Sukacz, Petrovich (I87)

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