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Michigan, USA

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Michigan, USA
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Tree: Majdan
State : Latitude: 44.5435052, Longitude: -85.429687


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Amanda  Bef 1810Michigan, USA I4387 Majdan 
2 Mary  Abt 1858Michigan, USA I3344 Majdan 
3 Cosgrove, Cora Lottie  Abt 1877Michigan, USA I3391 Majdan 
4 Cosgrove, Eugene  26 Feb 1873Michigan, USA I3470 Majdan 
5 Cosgrove, Jessie  1 May 1883Michigan, USA I3471 Majdan 
6 Cosgrove, Merrill  11 May 1875Michigan, USA I3469 Majdan 
7 Cronk, Josephine E.  18 Sep 1861Michigan, USA I406 Majdan 
8 Field, Clarence M.  Abt 1888Michigan, USA I4336 Majdan 
9 Ford, Mary Ida  Abt 1878Michigan, USA I3343 Majdan 
10 Goss, Matie  17 Jan 1887Michigan, USA I185 Majdan 
11 Goss, Nora Elsie  1 Jan 1884Michigan, USA I184 Majdan 
12 Goss, Theo M.  6 Oct 1905Michigan, USA I177 Majdan 
13 Jennings, Marion A.  5 Nov 1906Michigan, USA I4374 Majdan 
14 Kelso, Dewey  1899Michigan, USA I3394 Majdan 
15 Kelso, Iva B.  29 Apr 1894Michigan, USA I3466 Majdan 
16 Kelso, Lorene  Abt 1910Michigan, USA I3393 Majdan 
17 Kelso, Mildred  13 Apr 1907Michigan, USA I3392 Majdan 
18 Lambert, Elmer H.  1930Michigan, USA I93 Majdan 
19 Lambert, Garald  1925Michigan, USA I215 Majdan 
20 Lambert, Thomas  1923Michigan, USA I214 Majdan 
21 Lambert, Vernon  1927Michigan, USA I95 Majdan 
22 Louks, Seth  Abt 1893Michigan, USA I189 Majdan 
23 Owens, Elizabeth  Abt 1882Michigan, USA I4345 Majdan 
24 Owens, Heber  Abt 1897Michigan, USA I4348 Majdan 
25 Owens, Helen M.  8 May 1885Michigan, USA I4346 Majdan 
26 Owens, Ruby Florence  12 Sep 1887Michigan, USA I4349 Majdan 
27 Owens, Winifred  Abt 1895Michigan, USA I4347 Majdan 
28 Peaboby, Antoinett  28 Apr 1839Michigan, USA I4261 Majdan 
29 Pomeroy, Arthur B.  Abt 1874Michigan, USA I4334 Majdan 
30 Strong, Alver  Abt 1884Michigan, USA I3361 Majdan 
31 Strong, Clyde  Abt 1879Michigan, USA I3359 Majdan 
32 Strong, Clyde  Abt 1900Michigan, USA I3348 Majdan 
33 Strong, Earl  Abt 1891Michigan, USA I3360 Majdan 
34 Strong, Galvin  Abt 1886Michigan, USA I3362 Majdan 
35 Strong, Sula  Abt 1888Michigan, USA I3363 Majdan 
36 Thackeray, Alice  Abt 1888Michigan, USA I4335 Majdan 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cook, Esther Mae  14 Apr 2010Michigan, USA I4241 Majdan 
2 Mudrak, Anna  Feb 1949Michigan, USA I68 Majdan 
3 Nanney, Frank  1930Michigan, USA I2088 Majdan 
4 Nanney, Katheryn Bell  1939Michigan, USA I2332 Majdan 
5 Sargent, Gloria Jean  7 Feb 2014Michigan, USA I42 Majdan 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Nanney, Cleatus Franklin  Bef 1950Michigan, USA I4878 Majdan 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Haven / PeLong  27 Feb 1878Michigan, USA F1267 Majdan