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Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales

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Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales
[Nannau] [Merionethshire] [Wales]

Tree: Majdan
Notes: The specific coordinates are for the historic county of Merionethshire, Wales.
City : Latitude: 52.833333, Longitude: -3.833333


Nannau : The Present House
Nannau : The Present House
The Nannau house in Wales. Received from Sue King. Unsure of source.
The Old Nannau house in Wales
The Old Nannau house in Wales
Image description: "'Old Nannau' from a sketch by Moses Griffith"
Received from Sue King. Unsure of original source.

Nannau House Tour Brochure
Nannau House Tour Brochure
A tour brochure for the Nannau house in Wales. Received from Sue King.


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dafydd Ap Meyrick Sele  Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I272 Majdan 
2 Margaret Verch Howel Ap Ynyr Vychan  Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I592 Majdan 
3 Humphrey, Jane Verch  1516Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I245 Majdan 
4 Nannau, Howell  Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I265 Majdan 
5 Nanneu, Hugh  1542Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I242 Majdan 
6 Nanney, Edward  Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I527 Majdan 
7 Nanney, Ellen  Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I523 Majdan 
8 Nanney, Griffith  11 Jun 1568Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I524 Majdan 
9 Nanney, Gruffydd  1520Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I244 Majdan 
10 Nanney, Gwen  Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I529 Majdan 
11 Nanney, Jane  Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I531 Majdan 
12 Nanney, John  1543Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I267 Majdan 
13 Nanney, Margaret  Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I528 Majdan 
14 Nanney, Mary  Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I530 Majdan 
15 Nanney, Rhys  Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I525 Majdan 
16 Nanney, Richard  Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I526 Majdan 
17 Nanney, Robert  1573Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I240 Majdan 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Humphrey, Jane Verch  Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I245 Majdan 
2 Nanneu, Hugh  4 May 1603Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I242 Majdan 
3 Nanney, Robert  Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I240 Majdan 
4 Vaughn, Annest  1627Nannau, Merionethshire, Wales I243 Majdan