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Virginia, USA

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Virginia, USA
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Tree: Majdan
State : Latitude: 36.9586711, Longitude: -79.398193


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1   Virginia, USA I246 Majdan 
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1716Virginia, USA I4485 Majdan 
3 Tabitha  Abt 1752Virginia, USA I248 Majdan 
4 Barton, Lucy A.  Virginia, USA I960 Majdan 
5 Blankenship, James  1795Virginia, USA I1550 Majdan 
6 Blankenship, Micajah  1792Virginia, USA I1549 Majdan 
7 Blankenship, Micajah  Abt 1792Virginia, USA I4049 Majdan 
8 Brashears, Richard  1785Virginia, USA I3258 Majdan 
9 Braswell, Jesse  Bef 1754Virginia, USA I5533 Majdan 
10 Braswell, Jesse  Abt 1788Virginia, USA I959 Majdan 
11 Cator, Ellie  1745Virginia, USA I227 Majdan 
12 Edwards, Benjamin  Abt 1787Virginia, USA I6527 Majdan 
13 Everidge, Thomas Willie  28 Aug 1788Virginia, USA I343 Majdan 
14 Finch, Edward  Abt 1785Virginia, USA I961 Majdan 
15 Fulcher, Lucy Jane  1820Virginia, USA I219 Majdan 
16 Fulcher, Rachel L.  1826Virginia, USA I283 Majdan 
17 Hibben, Thomas  1802Virginia, USA I419 Majdan 
18 Hill, Barbara  1776Virginia, USA I5951 Majdan 
19 Hill, Sarah  Abt 1796Virginia, USA I1001 Majdan 
20 Jane, Elizabeth  Abt 1785Virginia, USA I333 Majdan 
21 Justice, Mary  Abt 1791Virginia, USA I962 Majdan 
22 Keeter, Henry  Abt 1763Virginia, USA I2501 Majdan 
23 Keeter, James  Abt 1740Virginia, USA I2498 Majdan 
24 Lanier, Elizabeth  Abt 1781Virginia, USA I966 Majdan 
25 Marlow, Robert  Abt 1765Virginia, USA I4130 Majdan 
26 Massey  Abt 1750Virginia, USA I256 Majdan 
27 Miller, Jesse Bourbon  1800Virginia, USA I2780 Majdan 
28 Moore, Allen  Abt 1793Virginia, USA I888 Majdan 
29 Morgan, Sarah  Abt 1770Virginia, USA I983 Majdan 
30 Nanney, Abner  5 Dec 1782Virginia, USA I774 Majdan 
31 Nanney, Amos  Abt 1752Virginia, USA I247 Majdan 
32 Nanney, Daniel Agnew  1929Virginia, USA I6766 Majdan 
33 Nanney, David Ledbetter  1926Virginia, USA I6765 Majdan 
34 Nanney, Elizabeth  Abt 1785Virginia, USA I775 Majdan 
35 Nanney, Frances  Abt 1748Virginia, USA I252 Majdan 
36 Nanney, George Lewis  Abt 1838Virginia, USA I2314 Majdan 
37 Nanney, Hughberry  Abt 1773Virginia, USA I979 Majdan 
38 Nanney, Isaac  Abt 1835Virginia, USA I4803 Majdan 
39 Nanney, James  Abt 1763Virginia, USA I5599 Majdan 
40 Nanney, John Wyatt Jr.  1746Virginia, USA I226 Majdan 
41 Nanney, Martha  Abt 1837Virginia, USA I4804 Majdan 
42 Nanney, Martha  Abt 1841Virginia, USA I2315 Majdan 
43 Nanney, Mary  Abt 1831Virginia, USA I4801 Majdan 
44 Nanney, Nancy  Abt 1839Virginia, USA I4805 Majdan 
45 Nanney, Silvanus  Between Aft 1750 and Bef 1754Virginia, USA I250 Majdan 
46 Nanney, Susan  Abt 1833Virginia, USA I4802 Majdan 
47 Nanney, Thomas Grady Jr.  1924Virginia, USA I6764 Majdan 
48 Nanney, William  Abt 1828Virginia, USA I4800 Majdan 
49 Nanney, Yonsey  Abt 1819Virginia, USA I4799 Majdan 
50 Ownbey, Arthur  1771Virginia, USA I5950 Majdan 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hudson, Elizabeth  1789Virginia, USA I1443 Majdan 
2 Keeter, Adin Alexander  30 May 1864Virginia, USA I2541 Majdan 
3 Nanney, Shadrack J.  15 Nov 1861Virginia, USA I4512 Majdan 
4 Nanney, Thomas  1780Virginia, USA I5456 Majdan 
5 Oakes, John  Abt 1700Virginia, USA I341 Majdan 
6 Oakes, Thomas  Bef 1807Virginia, USA I4482 Majdan 
7 Ownbey, Arthur  Virginia, USA I5943 Majdan 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Blankenship / Hudson  Abt 1690Virginia, USA F462 Majdan 
2 Blankenship / Hudson  Between 1715 and 1730Virginia, USA F461 Majdan 
3 Nanney /   Abt 1782Virginia, USA F178 Majdan 
4 Nanney / Barton  10 Sep 1816Virginia, USA F292 Majdan 
5 Nanney / Howard  1735Virginia, USA F75 Majdan 
6 Nanney / Roberts  Abt 1764Virginia, USA F299 Majdan 
7 Wesson / Johnson  Abt 1740Virginia, USA F1319 Majdan