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North Carolina, USA



 : Latitude: 35.6751474, Longitude: -79.881591


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  Abt 1844North Carolina, USA I4052
2 Gladys  Abt 1914North Carolina, USA I7812
3 Mary L.  May 1873North Carolina, USA I6710
4 Adair, Crayton  1856North Carolina, USA I4497
5 Adair, Laura E.  24 Jul 1854North Carolina, USA I4498
6 Anglin, Rebecca  Abt 1817North Carolina, USA I1556
7 Barton, Nancy  3 Jun 1796North Carolina, USA I2862
8 Black, Margaret  1818North Carolina, USA I1759
9 Blankenship, Andrew  Abt 1828North Carolina, USA I2017
10 Blankenship, Archibald  1809North Carolina, USA I1552
11 Blankenship, Barnett L.  Abt 1867North Carolina, USA I4091
12 Blankenship, Bird  Abt 1876North Carolina, USA I4156
13 Blankenship, Catherine  Abt 1848North Carolina, USA I4163
14 Blankenship, David  1833North Carolina, USA I2029
15 Blankenship, Dorothy  Abt 1844North Carolina, USA I4161
16 Blankenship, George W.  Abt 1868North Carolina, USA I4133
17 Blankenship, Harriet Frances  1804North Carolina, USA I1551
18 Blankenship, Hulda Jane  1849North Carolina, USA I1598
19 Blankenship, Hyram  Abt 1878North Carolina, USA I4157
20 Blankenship, James N.  Abt 1846North Carolina, USA I4162
21 Blankenship, John  Abt 1842North Carolina, USA I4160
22 Blankenship, John O.  Abt 1823North Carolina, USA I1554
23 Blankenship, Marena Mourning  1815North Carolina, USA I1433
24 Blankenship, Micajah  Abt 1840North Carolina, USA I1557
25 Blankenship, Miller L.  Abt 1875North Carolina, USA I4155
26 Blankenship, Noah M.  Abt 1846North Carolina, USA I1595
27 Blankenship, Pleasant  Abt 1820North Carolina, USA I1558
28 Blankenship, Sarah  Abt 1840North Carolina, USA I4159
29 Blankenship, Silas  1854North Carolina, USA I1600
30 Blankenship, Thomas  Abt 1880North Carolina, USA I4158
31 Blankenship, William  Abt 1853North Carolina, USA I4164
32 Blankenship, William C.  Abt 1865North Carolina, USA I261
33 Bridges, C. O.  Abt 1897North Carolina, USA I1226
34 Briscoe, Philip  10 Aug 1786North Carolina, USA I2861
35 Briscoe, Sarah  1786North Carolina, USA I2868
36 Burgess, James Henry  15 Jun 1877North Carolina, USA I1317
37 Burgess, James Worth  19 Jul 1944North Carolina, USA I1323
38 Burgess, Jesse Worth  18 Nov 1909North Carolina, USA I5683
39 Burgess, Minnie Morgan  May 1868North Carolina, USA I4531
40 Callahan, Amy Euphamy  16 May 1835North Carolina, USA I2595
41 Collins, Weldon T.  Abt 1880North Carolina, USA I4550
42 Conner, Millard G.  10 Nov 1889North Carolina, USA I5904
43 Cooper, Grace  North Carolina, USA I6763
44 Cristie, Mary Elizabeth  Mar 1863North Carolina, USA I5576
45 Dalton, Alfred Anderson  30 Jan 1828North Carolina, USA I5929
46 Davis, Helen  24 Jan 1927North Carolina, USA I5969
47 Dowdle, Margaret L.  Apr 1866North Carolina, USA I1240
48 Ellington, Elizabeth  Abt 1817North Carolina, USA I2313
49 Elliott, Taft  North Carolina, USA I5856
50 Ellis, Elizabeth Ann  1820North Carolina, USA I1762

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blankenship, Elisha  1790North Carolina, USA I1459
2 Burgess, Jesse Worth  13 Jun 1989North Carolina, USA I5683
3 Byrd, Richard I.  18 Mar 1922North Carolina, USA I5690
4 Dalton, Alfred Anderson  2 Feb 1898North Carolina, USA I5929
5 Davis, Helen  15 Oct 1995North Carolina, USA I5969
6 Ellis, Mabel  3 Aug 1995North Carolina, USA I1193
7 Farrior, Eugenia  13 Nov 2001North Carolina, USA I5968
8 Ferguson, Richard Jefferson  1885North Carolina, USA I4951
9 Flack, Andrew  23 Jan 1890North Carolina, USA I5665
10 Flack, Billie Cooper  10 Mar 1996North Carolina, USA I5677
11 Flack, Sam  19 Feb 2000North Carolina, USA I5705
12 Hall, Nancy  15 Jul 1920North Carolina, USA I4311
13 Hames, Carvus  North Carolina, USA I5805
14 Harris, Caldonia  10 Sep 1862North Carolina, USA I4313
15 Harris, G. Millard  24 Mar 1924North Carolina, USA I4315
16 Harris, John R. Jr.  10 Jul 1897North Carolina, USA I4314
17 Harris, Johnnie Lee  5 May 1919North Carolina, USA I4318
18 Harris, Micajah Jay  9 Feb 1938North Carolina, USA I1282
19 Hauser, Jacob Joseph  26 Jun 1806North Carolina, USA I5375
20 Laughter, Elizabeth  Bef 1860North Carolina, USA I4676
21 Ledbetter, Marion Josephine  30 Oct 1944North Carolina, USA I1283
22 Marlow, Amelia  1860North Carolina, USA I1553
23 Marlow, John  1858North Carolina, USA I4136
24 Moore, Dicey  28 Mar 1884North Carolina, USA I2030
25 Morris, John H.  1875North Carolina, USA I4321
26 Murphy, Mary C.  10 Oct 1922North Carolina, USA I5930
27 Nanney, Algeon Theodore  1 Jan 1906North Carolina, USA I4601
28 Nanney, Lockye  29 Jun 1979North Carolina, USA I5765
29 Nanney, Minnie  4 Mar 1980North Carolina, USA I4626
30 Ownbey, Daniel Rufus  1899North Carolina, USA I5956
31 Ownbey, Joshua  Apr 1850North Carolina, USA I5952
32 Reed, Ruth Mae  10 Feb 1978North Carolina, USA I4574
33 Searcy, Daisy  3 Feb 1984North Carolina, USA I5879
34 Wheelon, Millie  North Carolina, USA I5953


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Jenkins, Elizabeth  North Carolina, USA I1210


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blankenship /   Abt 1864North Carolina, USA F1340
2 Blankenship / Maney  Abt 1865North Carolina, USA F1362
3 Blankenship / Marlow  15 Jan 1820North Carolina, USA F513
4 Blankenship / Wilson  Abt 1839North Carolina, USA F497
5 Edney / Nanney  11 May 1935North Carolina, USA F383
6 Ellis / McClure  Abt 1810North Carolina, USA F561
7 Lawing / Nanney  27 Apr 1913North Carolina, USA F382
8 Lilley / Nanney  Dec 1929North Carolina, USA F1472
9 Nanney / Blankenship  12 Mar 1928North Carolina, USA F385
10 Nanney / Clark  Abt 1930North Carolina, USA F1885
11 Nanney / Cristie  10 Aug 1882North Carolina, USA F1747
12 Nanney / Pace  Abt 1959North Carolina, USA F1469
13 Nanney / Womack  North Carolina, USA F421
14 Sitton / Owenby  Bef 1858North Carolina, USA F612
15 Womack / Nanney  10 Aug 1918North Carolina, USA F381