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Piotr Majdan

Piotr (Peter) Majdan was born 14 Aug 1893 in Poland and came to the US in 1913. By 1916, he was in Kalamazoo, MI working as a papermaker and married to Agnes Mudrak. He had his first son in 1917, a daughter in 1919 and another son in 1921. Family sources indicate he was arrested and jailed for bootlegging during prohibition and that he died in jail. My records indicate he died on 2 Mar 1936 in Kent County, MI of "chronic alcoholism and delirium with acute exhaustion."
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Jacob Majdan

The only documentation of Jacob Majdan is on Piotr Majdan's marriage certificate. It is unknown if he ever migrated to the US.
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George Sukacz

George Sukach (Sukacz) was born in Poland on April 5, 1888. He immigrated to the US in 1905. He married Helen Janiak and had two children; the marriage date and separation date are unknown. Helen died in 1956 in Lawrence, Michigan. George then married Julia Helen Rzeszutko in 1908 and have four children between 1909 and 1917. All children were born in Chicago, Illinois. The 1920 Census still has George living in the 33rd ward of Chicago. It is unknown when the family moved to Michigan. I have not located George in the 1930 Census, but his 2nd child graduated from high school in Hartford, Michigan in 1929 and his third child is listed as a boarder in another home in Chicago. Therefore, it is believed he moved to Michigan with his youngest children between 1920 and 1929. George died in 1974 in Hartford, Michigan.
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Petrovich Sukacz

Petrovich (Piotr; Peter) Sukacz (Sukach) is a large unknown. I received an email from a descendent of Peter giving his and his wife's name (Anelia). I have located an Ellis Island record for Piotr Sukacz and I am pretty sure this is the same individual. Also, I have found a Peter Sukach living with Michal/Michael in Ohio in the 1900 Census and that same descendent mentioned a son named Michal.
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William Wood

William Wood was born in about 1855 in Alabama. He is the most distant relative I know on my maternal side. With such a common name, it has been tough finding any additional information on him and/or his lineage. He was married to a woman named Annie (maiden name unknown) and had two known kids: Samuel, born about 183 and Walter Preston Wood, born in December 1894. William has been located in the 1910 Census in Denton Co., Texas. It is unknown when he moved from Alabama to Texas
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Douglas D Nanney

How is Douglas Nanney (not in website) tied to the Nanney's in this tree? Born about 1824 in Virginia so how is he tied in to the other Virginian Nanney's from that time period? Douglas has a lot of documented descendants, but ancestry runs cold before him.

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