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Arkansas, USA


State : Latitude: 34.7596661, Longitude: -92.274169


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Annie  Mar 1875Arkansas, USA I931
2 Donnie  Arkansas, USA I2326
3 Sarah J.  Abt 1853Arkansas, USA I5303
4 Bailey, Emilene P.  Abt 1857Arkansas, USA I621
5 Buchanan, Elizabeth  1810Arkansas, USA I667
6 Chandler, Andrew  Oct 1866Arkansas, USA I7758
7 Fry, Ethel Janette  Abt 1919Arkansas, USA I7752
8 Fry, Kathleen  Abt 1909Arkansas, USA I7750
9 Fry, Matthew A.  Mar 1879Arkansas, USA I7740
10 Fry, Montgomery  Abt 1914Arkansas, USA I7742
11 Fry, Ruth Edith  Abt 1912Arkansas, USA I7751
12 Graham  Arkansas, USA I7760
13 Graham, Nettie B.  Mar 1882Arkansas, USA I7741
14 Hamilton, Almeda  Abt 1914Arkansas, USA I5873
15 Hamilton, James  Abt 1908Arkansas, USA I5071
16 Hamilton, Joe Oliver  Abt 1918Arkansas, USA I5875
17 Hamilton, Myrtle  Abt 1910Arkansas, USA I5871
18 Hamilton, Ola  Abt 1916Arkansas, USA I5874
19 Heron, Mary Ellen  26 Sep 1905Arkansas, USA I5077
20 Johnston, Charles  Abt 1896Arkansas, USA I3207
21 Jones, Lucinda  Abt 1888Arkansas, USA I6458
22 Kersey  Arkansas, USA I7754
23 Lafferry, Mandie Ira Belle  2 Dec 1875Arkansas, USA I435
24 Long, George  Abt 1850Arkansas, USA I4972
25 Long, Jessey  Abt 1873Arkansas, USA I5304
26 Long, Louisa  22 Jan 1861Arkansas, USA I4974
27 Long, Malissa Ann  Abt 1845Arkansas, USA I4970
28 Long, Margaret Francis  Abt 1847Arkansas, USA I4971
29 Long, Mary  Abt 1874Arkansas, USA I5305
30 Long, Sanfrancisco  Abt 1854Arkansas, USA I4973
31 McCravens, Martha Jane  1837Arkansas, USA I2369
32 McCubbins, Ada  Nov 1889Arkansas, USA I7764
33 McCubbins, James A.  Mar 1887Arkansas, USA I7763
34 McCubbins, Joseph B.  Sep 1899Arkansas, USA I7767
35 McCubbins, Omer  Oct 1891Arkansas, USA I7765
36 McCubbins, William C.  Sep 1855Arkansas, USA I7762
37 McCubbins, Willie C.  Dec 1894Arkansas, USA I7766
38 McMahan, Roberta Deloris  10 May 1912Arkansas, USA I6467
39 McMahan, William Jackson  1 Aug 1878Arkansas, USA I6426
40 Nanney, Charles  1902Arkansas, USA I7048
41 Nanney, William Arthur  Oct 1895Arkansas, USA I498
42 Rowe, Lily  12 Sep 1915Arkansas, USA I3206
43 Scott, Mildred Jeraldine  1915Arkansas, USA I1924
44 Simms, Letha W.  Abt 1837Arkansas, USA I5015
45 Trimble  Abt 1904Arkansas, USA I4881
46 Trimble, Abe M.  Sep 1886Arkansas, USA I926
47 Trimble, Allen  Jun 1870Arkansas, USA I920
48 Trimble, Allen Jr.  Abt 1916Arkansas, USA I4882
49 Trimble, Claude  Abt 1904Arkansas, USA I936
50 Trimble, Eva  Between 1901 and 1904Arkansas, USA I935

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Callahan, Andrew McMurray  14 May 1879Arkansas, USA I2589
2 Callahan, Andrew S.  26 Dec 1914Arkansas, USA I2594
3 Hamilton, Carl Ray  3 Feb 1978Arkansas, USA I5926
4 Hibben, William Berry  1863Arkansas, USA I318
5 Holley, John Lonell  20 Oct 1984Arkansas, USA I1910
6 Holley, Scott Jackson  23 Jan 1984Arkansas, USA I1911
7 Johnston, Charles  Abt 1950Arkansas, USA I3207
8 Keeter, Amy  Bef 1870Arkansas, USA I2524
9 Nanney, Obbie Orval  20 Aug 1960Arkansas, USA I2428
10 Nanney, Roy Lee  14 Jun 1958Arkansas, USA I2425
11 Rowe, Elbert Henry  11 Sep 1961Arkansas, USA I3204
12 Spann, Moses P.  r Mar 1903Arkansas, USA I5543
13 Spann, William Goen Ernest  10 Jan 1877Arkansas, USA I5545


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Long / Murphy  1843Arkansas, USA F1563
2 McMahan /   Abt 1900Arkansas, USA F2019
3 Nicely / Nanney  Abt 1900Arkansas, USA F800